module Tor::Constants

This module contains constants for the Tor module such as a COUNLATLNG



FR1 is the centre, by default, centres 1 to 90 are read by default, and 91-200 change to black after 2seconds This can be changed using a the mix-in features of Ruby, using the keys {:lat , :lng,“red”, “black”}


This maps the coordinates of each country to its country code.

Get Coordinates for countries

Tor::Constants::COUNLATLNG["FR"]                =>{:lat=>46.0, :lng=>2.0}
Tor::Constants::COUNLATLNG["GB"]               =>{:lat=>54.0, :lng=>-2.0}
Tor::Constants::COUNLATLNG["FR"][:lat]        =>46.0
Tor::Constants::COUNLATLNG["GB"][lng]        =>-2.0

A1 and A2 - anonymous proxies and satelite providers - added using cordinates (0,0) IM, AX, JE added from the CIA factbook, the others from the Maxmind page NOTE: See the following links for more details CIA Factbook online [] Maxmind(2007) - Average Latitude and longitude for countries []


This determines how long the program Tor::TController#extendcir_slowly waits between each extension.


This determines how frequent the circuits that make up long circuits will be checked and reattached.


This determines where the tour goes to and which placemark ballons come up centres: South Africa, Benin, Switz, Ukraine, India, Australia, Paraguay, United States,France